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Kilimanjaro Coffee Blend

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At altitudes of 4000-6000 feet, these beans are grown at an exceptionally high elevation by local families. The coffee is milled and sun-dried by the same families, with rigorous attention to detail. The commitment to excellence by the coffee growers and millers bursts through in the cup. The first impression of bright, crisp citrus broadens into a riot of jammy red plum, pear and sweet chocolate flavors. The finish is long, carrying savory hints of licorice, sweet spice and molasses. Distinct berry-like undertones, this medium-to-full-bodied coffee blend epitomizes the lively, tangy, funky taste you’ll find only in the best East African arabica gourmet coffees. This is an unforgettable coffee!

We sell this coffee blend by the pound. To get a Kilimanjaro, just pick your grind and add it to your cart! In your shopping cart you will be able to update the weight.

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